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Jul 7, 2012 5:25pm EDT
in this case. mr. henry is a 53-year-old alaskan who enjoys our arms for recreational use he was a member of the united states army. he was in the national guard in oregon before he moved to alaska. he has been employed his entire adult life. the last 15 years he has worked in western alaska while he held a home in the anchorage area. in october of 2009, he was on medical leave for a medical condition. he had a garage that was more of a machine shop. while he was on medical leave, he was tinkering with fire arms and weapons. he made a homemade machine gun. that is the issue before us today. what is important to know about mr. henry is he was not prohibited from having fire arms. he did not have a felony record. he did not have any mental issues that would prevent him from having weapons. he had this machine gun in his own home. it is not outside the home. he did not have any criminal purpose for having this particular weapon. he had it for recreational use and for self-defense. he was not involved in any commercial activity with this fire arm or any others. his prosecution brings three is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1